Fixed braces can be uncomfortable, and many patients expect pain in their cheeks and gums from obtrusive wires. You can provide them with an excellent solution – the Orthodontic Relief Wax Tins from Kemdent®.

The specially designed orthodontic wax can be moulded in the patient’s hands to fit perfectly over their braces, avoiding unwanted irritation. They can simply soften the product with the warmth of their hands, which can be removed and replaced with ease for long-lasting relief.

After remaining smooth on the appliance’s edges, the wax harmlessly flakes away or peels off as it breaks down with time.

Plus, the easy-to-use solution from Kemdent is neatly packaged and stored in a sustainable, 100% recyclable and planet-friendly tin case. Your patients can use Orthodontic Relief Wax on the go, all whilst supporting the planet with a tin that can be infinitely recycled over time.

Consider the mint-flavoured wax, too, for a consistently pleasant taste.

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