ONG Statement on SmileDirectClub

On behalf of the Orthodontic National Group, we appreciate that many people may well have been affected by the collapse of SmileDirectClub which was announced last week.

We would like to advise these patients to contact their own dentist as a first port of call and then seek an expert opinion from a specialist Orthodontist regarding the continuation of their treatment.

As the British Orthodontic Society has advised, anyone seeking orthodontic treatment should visit the following website:

Where they can find safe treatment with a trained and registered professional.


As Orthodontic Therapists, you may well encounter patients who will be transferring care; as a group we would advise that these patients will require a full orthodontic assessment with your supervisors; this may include new radiographs, which should be reported on by the supervising orthodontist/dentist.

Then, you should take a full set of records, Intra-oral scan or impressions for study models, full set of extra-oral and intra-oral photographs before commencing any active prescribed orthodontic treatment.