Online training available from BOS

Online training available from BOS

Online training available from BOS
Dear Colleague

It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to a new resource designed specifically for
Orthodontic Therapists and available to you on the BOS VLE section for Dental Care
Professionals. This online activity will provide teaching about cephalometry and through its
link to the Digitutor computer program will allow you to practise cephalometric point

The learning objectives of the programme are as follows
·         Provide a definition of cephalometry
·         Recognise clinical situations in which a lateral cephalogram may be required
·         Describe the clinical information that can be gained from a lateral cephalogram
·         Identify common cephalometric points on lateral cephalograms using Digitutor
·         Outline the process of cephalometric assessment
On completion of the tutorial and the exercise in Digitutor point identification there is a
short question and answer section which will enable you to obtain CPD relevant to the
We hope very much that you find this resource useful and would welcome any feedback
that you have following its completion.

I would like to acknowledge, and thank on behalf of the Society, Sally Walker, member of
the Education Committee for designing and putting together this tutorial and Nigel
Harradine and George Chauvet for the production of the Digitutor cephalometric point
identification programme.

Best wishes

Susan Power

Director, Education
British Orthodontic Society (registered cahiry 1073464) 12 Bridewell Place London EC4V


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