The results from the feedback you gave regarding BOC in Glasgow.

The results from the feedback you gave regarding BOC in Glasgow.

We have the results from the feedback you gave regarding BOC in Glasgow. There are a lot of positive remarks which is fantastic!

“Really enjoyed the presentation about the role of the team, showing

different aspects of what roles we can take on instead of solely assisting


“Instagram influencers was very surprising”

“David Byrnie and the Insignia presentation was by far the most interesting

and well presented lecture despite not being a system used in my current


“I enjoyed the talks and took a lot back from them”

“the lectures were relevant”

“it was all very good and informative”

“Really informative programmes which gave me lots of ideas to take back to

my practice.

Very engaging speakers.”

“For me it was the skills Lab: bonded retainers and the clinical pearls session

most helpful. Enjoyed some of the other lectures too.”

“Enjoyed all the ones I attended”

but we want to make sure we focus on some of the negatives, so we can develop the programme for future years.

“Needs to be more engaging for DCP”

“I found some of the lectures were not relevant to the Ortho therapists.”

“A professional pearls programme more geared towards ‘dental nurse pearls’”

“Separate ortho nurses / therapist programmes”

“More for nurses and how they can progress further”

“A cheaper delegate rate for DCP’s”

There are plans to offer more clinical skills sessions for both nurses and therapists in future conferences – so look out for these! The poster competition was not run this year due to a total lack of interest – this was a classic case of use it or lose it..! Don’t let it happen to your hands on skills sessions..!!

We often receive comments and suggestions centred on requesting separate nurses and therapist programs. Although we acknowledge that there are some differences in learning and development needs, we strive for team work and education for all the team – working together is important and team work is strengthened when other team roles and responsibilities are recognised and understood. This is regardless of working in primary or secondary care.

People also comment about lack of topic variation. We are always encouraging our members to speak up about topics they wish to hear lectures on – so get in touch directly with any committee member or use the ‘contact us’ link on the website.

Fees and expenses always prompts some grumbles. The cost of the conference is not set by us – but ONG members do benefit from a discounted registration and everyone has the added advantage of the early bird offer!

See you in Manchester..!!


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