ONG its 25 !

ONG its 25 !

We decided that this year at the BOC conference in Glasgow , we would have our own stand and give our members a focal point to come and visit , talk to the committee and take advantage of some merchandise. Quite a few specialist’s  popped over to see what we were all about and were really pleased when one practice owner signed up two members of his team. We also  ran a rafflle for a bit of fun this year with a £50 love to shop voucher as first prize along with a 3 month cosmetic subscription , box of bicuits and a box of chocolates. the lucky winners were :

Love to Shop voucher – Sandra Beard

Birch Box cosmetics – Emma Smith

Belgian Chocolates – Claire Offer

Chocolate Biscuits –  Jenny Smith

The stand enabled us to have some great conversations with our members  and come up with some good ideas to help grow the group. We also managed to engage with the dental companies more easily and secure some helpful sponsorship for future events.


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